Top Education Magazines in India

Education magazines are one of the best sources of the latest information, knowledge, and technology for all, especially for students and teachers. Education journals are broadly divided into 2 sections depending on the type of readers. The first section is aimed at students which helps them in preparing for competitive exams.

The second category of education magazines is aimed at teachers and readers. These journals contain material that helps teachers to keep themselves updated with the latest news and methodology in teaching. Some magazines also have a general interest in which the reader is interested. here we listed some top education magazines in India.

List of top education magazines in India

  • Competition Success Review
  • Teacher Plus
  • India today 
  • EasyShiksha
  • Aha! Zindagi

1. Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review is an extremely popular magazine meant for students preparing for competitive examinations in different areas. It covers each and everything that is asked for the purpose of different competitive examinations. Excellent editorial, which gives candidates enough boost to his spirits in staying focused on what he wants to achieve. The way it is articulated is really an inspiring start for people.
The articles in the current affairs are unbiased and give the details required and get registered in every young mind.

2. Teacher Plus

Teacher Plus is a magazine primarily targeted at the school student. It discusses alternative methods in the context of the Indian classroom, moreover, it aims to promote a sense of community of’s published monthly from Hyderabad. It comes from a large pool of contributors from across India, Individuals with experience in various aspects of education can learn a lot, from elementary school teaching to board exams to arts and crafts, child development and classroom management.

3. India today 

This Magazine is a weekly published by Living Media India Ltd. It is published in five language editions English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam – and today, with a total readership of about 15.9 million, is the most extensively read publication in India. it focuses on politics and current affairs and also presents a well-rounded perspective on a variety of subjects – be it the economy, politics, lifestyle, the arts, entertainment, travel, science, technology or health. India Today maintains the highest standards of journalism in the country with an experienced and talented team of editors, journalists, photographers, and designers.

4. EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha, an educational magazine for connecting educational entities. This is made to collect the data from different places and put them together in one place in a very informatic manner. it is one such prominent name in online education as an online platform. It provides simplified online education with the foremost aim of delivering better education to every Edu-seeker. It transforms the simple student’s dreams from a pie into a product for easy learning.

5. Aha! Zindagi

Aha Zindagi is a very unique concept in the Hindi language magazine. It presents people with real stories of lives in a very interesting way. Life is full of OOHs, AAHs, WOWs, and HMMs elements. Every second in life is a lesson to learn. This personal site of a writer is a collection of such experiences. This site is not associated with any media house or publication. As of now Aha Jindagi!!! the website doesn’t accept any guest post.

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