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EduCounsellors International® 
is devoted to providing direction to prospective students by providing them with a very comprehensive package of services right from the choice of institution to visa preparations and orientation to accommodation and support. 

At EduCounsellors, we revel in our ability to provide accurate information, make the right decisions, be time and cost-efficient while building strong relationships with students and universities alike.


                                                                                 Our Philosophy
To offer each and every student a world-class service  

We believe that every students needs are different. Our company focuses on need based solution and help student overcome the challenges in applying and getting admissions in abroad. We have built strong relationship with universities across the globe and attend cases and present them to university or colleges in person rather than sending the applications online to the universities from outside the country.  We do not work from outside the country since we strongly believe that our local presence in the country where student is applying makes us different. Our local staff also attends students in their respective countries. We are very strict when it comes to the staff hiring and staff training so that the students are not given any outdated information or misleading facts and figures.

Students feel relaxed since we help them in every step of admission processing. Students appreciate our continuous support, and they never feel lost during the process.

                                                                                                              Our Mission
                           To help students succeed in their careers

We strongly believe in our philosophy and want to help students achieve success in terms of selecting the right country, right college and the right course which has demand in the job market. What makes us different from the rest is the continuous effort to keep our staff updated with the research on the job market and the hiring potential for the courses to which students apply.  Therefore, Students do not have to worry about the course selection.
Once the student files application with us, we make efforts to make him market ready by providing the student with training on job search, work ethics and social behavior. The purpose is to provide
a complete solution for the student so that the students succeed in their careers.