Best Animation Companies in Delhi

The animation industry is growing by leaps and bounds in India. especially after Baahubali, we do believe this is a possibility, The storyline of the movie wasn’t anything to brag about but the visual effects and animated sequences managed to keep us in astonishment. here we listed some of the best animation companies Delhi.

the list of top animation companies Delhi

  • Double X Studio
  • Citrus Ink Studio
  • Digitoonz
  • Emprise
  • Magic Spangle

1. Double X Studio

animation studio Delhi

This Animation Studio helps customers turn their ideas into reality, this is because of the talents of our experienced front-end team all across India and our state-of-the-art production studio in South Ex. New Delhi. We can help any animated project from concept through completion and offer the creative, technical and production capabilities to produce CG animation for feature films, television, commercials, video games, and web.

2. Citrus Ink Studio

full-service animation studio

Citrus Studios is an award-winning full-service animation studio company in Delhi focused on delivering the highest quality CG animation and VFX in India. Our aim is to give you amazing production quality in the shortest possible time. We have worked with the leading brands in the advertising space such as the Coca Cola Company, Nestle, Minute Maid Juices, the History Channel, Honda, Panasonic, Horlicks, and the World Health Organization. We are now transitioning into working on TV series and films.

3. Digitoonz

Animation Production companies

Digitoonz stands for digital cartoons and it is one of the most important animation structures in India. this is a full-solution of animation production company specializing in the areas of producing TV Series in Flash, 2D and CGI Animation for TV – Broadcast and feature films. We have worked on different TV series and feature films including children, entertainment, and edutainment. We have our global presence in Animation.

4. Emprise

Emprise Productions is one of the best video production companies. We have worked for top companies producing creative and innovative videos. Our services include a wide range of ideas and concepts thoroughly deliberate by the creative heads, altered as per your requirements. extra services provided by this company takes into consideration the clear pricing, we provide a price calculator for all our services including 2D and 3D animation videos too.

5. Magic Spangle

Magic Spangle Studios has been a leading force and a renowned name among animation And video production studios in Delhi, India. Now, after making a wave in the animation and video production industry, we realized that it was time for us to take a giant leap forward keeping in mind our acumen and technical know-how. Hence, we started assisting our existing clients with 360-degree marketing services.

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